Don’t Neglect
Your Pipes and Guttering

Guttering keeps water away from your building, preventing flooding, leaks, and structural damage – so it’s important to the integrity and safety of your property. Alexander Law offer reliable and fast gutter and drain pipe repairs throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

Guttering repairs

Guttering can be worn down by the elements and long use, so Alexander Law offers a quick service to restore them to their former efficiency or replace them if they are beyond repair.

Pipework maintenance

We also offer pipework maintenance for the pipes running through your roof. 

Maintenance packages for your business

In our decades of experience, commercial buildings often require more maintenance, including on the guttering. We will give you and your business the chance to get a complete package for roof and guttering maintenance to keep your building sound.

Call our expert roofers in Aberdeen on 01224 322 966 to get a quote on gutter and pipework maintenance.

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